Please Welcome new Division of Public Assistance Director, Leslie Houston


Please welcome our new Director for the Division of Public Assistance, Leslie Houston. Leslie brings a strong management and leadership experience within the state, most recently as Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Corrections.

The 37-year Alaska resident began her administrative career with the state in 1977. Within DHSS, she has held positions in the divisions of Public Health, Health Care Services and Behavioral Health. She has also held posts in the departments of Labor, Revenue, Education, Fish and Game, and Transportation and Public Facilities.



Field Services Managers are hearing numerous feedback from staff statewide about First Contact Resolution (FCR). Staff are seeing the benefits and the reports are positive.

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Handling Questions From Clients - Issues with ARIES Self-Service Portal


A Message from the Chief of Field Services to all Field Services Staff

As you are aware by the EIS-R updates, the ARIES Self-Service Portal (SSP) was scheduled to “go-live” on December 13 and we have met this goal! This means the ARIES SSP is available to the public today. Clients can access the SSP via the MyAlaska web portal which enables them to apply for Medicaid.

A Message from the Chief of Field Services to all Field Services Staff


Hello DPA Staff,

Thank you for your assistance in providing solutions to improve the timeliness of our applications and recertification/renewals. The collaborative problem solving events held in each region brought forward great ideas and suggestions from all of you!

EIS-R Project Update – What’s the latest status?


Finally, an EIS-R Project Update! I’m sure many of you have probably been wondering, “What’s going on?”

View this ARIES update. (PDF)

Health Insurance and Medicaid Frequently Asked Questions


The following set of frequently asked questions about health insurance, medicaid, and Denali KidCare was posted to the DPA public website. Please review and feel free to pass on to others who may want to know more about these topics.

FAQs on health insurance, medicaid, and Denali KidCare. (PDF)

EIS-R Update - Building Excitement!


As we are approaching our October 1st GO-LIVE date, the EIS-R Project Team is moving at high speed to bring us closer to a successful ARIES implementation. Now, it is time for user acceptance testing. August is a busy month for technology readiness and testing, a month full of anticipation and excitement.

EIS-R Update- Moving Forward!


The EIS-R Project Team is continuing to make steady progress toward meeting our October 1st deadline for Release 1a Go-Live! This update includes some very exciting information about the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and upcoming events.

ARIES Kickoff Meeting Highlights:

EIS-R Update- Making Progress!


July 19, 2013

The EIS-R project continues to move at a rapid pace, and we are on track to meet our October 1st deadline for Release 1a.  In our effort to keep you abreast of the project status, this update provides insight on key implementation activities.

EIS-R update - sneak peak at ARIES!


There continues to be a tremendous amount of activity with the EIS-R Project. Since March, the Project Team has completed six weeks of requirements sessions followed by ten weeks of system design sessions for Release 1a. As a result of these sessions, Deloitte has started the actual software development of ARIES.

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