An Update and Thanks

Tammy Walker

Good afternoon everyone!

What’s Happenin’: The Change and Innovation Agency (C!A) has completed site assessments for our offices in Kenai, Fairbanks, Coastal Field, Ketchikan, MatSu and Gambell. The field site assessment for Juneau will occur in December. The preliminary observations by the assessment teams indicate great work is being done by agency staff, a tremendous spirit to serve Alaska's most vulnerable residents, and a positive approach overall. There are obvious "best practices" in many locations and the C!A associates continue to be amazed by the ingenuity of the staff, the commitment to clients and the "can-do” attitude.

BPR Weekly Update


Good afternoon! I just wanted to provide a quick update on the Business Process Redesign (BPR) efforts. Yes, we are continuing to move forward with the initial activities (aka—assessment and process discovery of how we are currently doing our work). To date, site assessments have been conducted at the Kenai, Coastal Field, Fairbanks, and Ketchikan offices with Mat-Su and Gambell slated for next week and Juneau for mid-December. The Change and Innovation Agency (C!A) personnel reported that without exception, the interviews with staff at all sites has been insightful and professional.

11/9/2015 Workload Update

ARIES update: Alaska becomes a Determination state


The Division of Public Assistance is moving along steadily with development to replace our aging eligibility system as well as to manage an increasing number of applications for public services such as for Medicaid and SNAP. The new eligibility system is known as ARIES and the acronym stands for Alaska’s Resource for Integrated Eligibility Services.

We would like to share some good news on DPA’s continuing improvements toward serving Alaskans better. Alaska transitioned to become a Determination state on November 1, 2015. This move will increase state efficiencies and expedite processing of MAGI Medicaid applications received from the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM). This change affects how applications are received from Marketplace ( into the Division of Public Assistance ARIES system

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11/2/2015 Workload Update

DPA R&A Dream Team!


We just wanted to share a picture and say thanks to our Research and Analysis folks who have been doing stellar work over the last year!

L-R: Su Chuen Ng, Heidi Lengdorfer, Carole Triem, Kristen Stouder, Tim Homan
Taken 26 October 2015.

10/26/2015 Workload Update

Business Process Redesign: Weekly Update

Tammy Walker

Just a quick update on what has happened with the BPR (Business Process Redesign) and what’s coming!

What’s Happenin’: Last week the CIA team (Change & Innovation Agency) completed the assessments for Kenai and Coastal 1 & 2 (not including LTC staff). Many thanks to the staff for meeting with the CIA team to explain what steps you are currently taking on applications so CIA has a solid foundation from which to work. We totally understand how busy you currently are, so by investing the time now will build capacity in the future. Thank you!

10/19/2015 Workload Update

10/12/2015 Workload Update

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