Formal Field Services Training Revamped!

Staff Development and Training (SD&T) has revamped the CORE training for Field Services staff! We have been looking at ways to retain staff AND it begins with a strong training foundation.

SD&T worked with Field Services subject matter experts to improve the delivery of training. In addition, Policy and Program Development has reviewed and provided recommendations to the draft training.

Remember, SD&T will travel to the requesting office to conduct training so new hires rarely need to travel to Anchorage for classroom training- SD&T comes to you!

Beginning this month, February 2019, the training for new hires will look like:

  1. SNAP and MAGI Med training:
    1. Pre-packet – 1 month to gain access to the systems, complete prep work, etc.
    2. Classroom- 1 month to include learning policy, working live cases from start to finish, utilizing PathOS, conducting telephonic interviews, and much more!
    3. Post support- approximately 8-12 weeks (flexibility) to learn nuances with in-person interviews, process cases in specific tracks during set periods of time to develop confidence, become more familiar with common resources, etc.
  2. CASH Programs:
    1. Pre-packet- 2 weeks to include intro to cash manuals, interfaces, HowWe guide, etc.
    2. Classroom- Temporary Assistance for 2 weeks, followed by Adult Public Assistance for 2 weeks, plus 5 days of working live cases
    3. Post support- details not yet solidified.
  3. Office Assistant training will be revamped and specifics to follow at a later date:
    1. Pre-Packet- 1 week
    2. Classroom- 2 weeks
    3. Post support- 2-3 weeks

Secondly, every Regional Manager was adamant about investing in our seasoned staff as well as our new. SD&T will be updating, rebranding, and redesigning the “old” refresher trainings for delivery in the Fall 2019. However, refresher training can still be found at:, follow the following steps to the trainings. Please work with your supervisor prior to signing up for refresher training.

  1. Sign-in to Moodle, and scroll down to the DPA training section.
  2. Click on Skill Development/ Refresher Training.
  3. There are 14 possible selections, chose based on your training needs.
  4. Within each section, there is a multitude of choices. Example, within EIS Skills development there are course choices.

The following training topics will also be revamped: Training Liaison, Office Assistant Liaison, Long Term Care (TEFRA, BCC, Nursing Home and Waivers), etc.

Thus far we have heard positive feedback in the testing of the new CORE training:

“The new videos in the pre-packet are great, it’s really going to help that new learners will be able to pause and rewind while also following along and getting into the systems before the classroom portion.”

“I’m happy the learners will continue to receive support from SD&T after they return {from training} and will be processing live cases”

“I like that the practice cases are not all cut and dry, and that the same case is used for multiple scenarios, from application, to following up on pended items, and reports of change.”

“The activities persuade the ET to check manuals or other resources to find the answers, which is helping them to become better familiar with the search functions, and helps with deciding which “key word” to search for in the manuals.”

“Topic flow makes sense for not only policy retention but also helps to match real life processing flow that occurs during an interview and while working through screens in EIS and ARIES”.

Check out the SD&T website for training dates: DPA Training.