Administrative Services

Submitted by Debbie McDonald on March 9, 2018 - 4:58pm

Jessica Bogard
Administrative Operations Manager II

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Team is located in Juneau. The team provides guidance and direction to staff division wide, in regards to a wide variety of items in the finance and administrative areas. The administrative support positions of the division work closely with the team, to ensure that the most current policy and procedures are consistent division wide, with not only division policy, but department and statewide as well.

  • Jessica Bogard, Administrative Operations Manager II
  • (907) 465-6341
    Administrative Services
    Policy and Procedures

    350 Main Street, Suite 330
    Juneau, Alaska 99801

  • Chris Madsen, Administrative Officer II
    Division Finance and Procurement
    (907) 465-1754
  • Kari Lindsey, Administrative Officer I
    Division Policy & Procedure, Personnel and Payroll
    (907) 465-3348
  • Rachel Turner, Administrative Assistant II, Administrative and Work Services (907) 465-5935
  • Nove Barril, Accounting Tech III
    (907) 465-3107
  • Kimberly Essary, Accountant III, Federal Reporting
    Division Credit Cards and Payables
    EBT Reconciliation
    (907) 465-8259