05/25/15 Weekly Workload Update

Submitted by Clay Butcher on May 28, 2015 - 4:17pm

DPA! DPA! DPA Rocks! Last week saw an almost 6% drop in the overall backlog, the best too date. Despite the ongoing work to register the outstanding FFM and SSP applications, the rate of processing backlogged MAGI-Medicaid applications kept backlog growth to a minimum. Outstanding work has been done on the SNAP backlog with very good progress across the board.

Naturally, we are also having a bit of rain on our parade. Due to federally-facilitated marketplace defects many accounts simply were not transferred to states. The FFM also didn’t transmit accounts for some applicants who requested full eligibility determinations by the state after they were determined eligible for a Qualified Health Plan (QHP). Lastly, about 53,000 duplicate accounts were transferred to states. The short story is we can expect about another 815 FFM transfers, some which may go back to August of 2014. Fortunately the defects have been isolated and the last of them will be addressed by late summer.

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