GIVE ME FIVE! 2007 Food Stamp Accuracy Improvement Campaign

Submitted by Anonymous on October 31, 2007 - 1:12pm

You’ve brought us another stride closer to our Food Stamp Program accuracy improvement campaign goal. As we near the end of the FFY 2007 sample year, Alaska stands 9th in the nation for overall payment accuracy. This will be our fourth consecutive year of progressive accuracy improvement – a first in our long history of tracking payment accuracy. You may recall that three states per year are recognized for having the most improved food stamp payment accuracy. We are currently in second place, and holding on to our position in the national competition for a performance bonus. We won’t call it a lock yet, but it is looking ever more probable thanks to your consistently great work.

Our statewide payment accuracy rate stands at 96.8%, thanks to all regions performing above our 95% accuracy goal.

  • The Southeast Region leads the way with 99.7% accuracy;
  • The Northern Region has an outstanding 98.2% rate;
  • The Central Region continues to do well with 95.4%; and
  • The Coastal Region has issued 44% of the sample dollars with a commendable 96.7% accuracy rate.

    And our quest for excellence continues. We have already begun drawing our 2008 sample cases. You’re so good that we are raising the accuracy target a notch higher to 96%. Your managers agreed that since we are currently performing above that level, it is a reasonable goal for us. More on the new year’s campaign next month.

    Jim Dalman, Chief, Program Integrity and Analysis