New and Improved Online Program Policy Manuals

Submitted by Curtis Nelson on January 5, 2007 - 1:38pm

We are happy to announce that the four new and improved online program manuals are now available on the internal DPA website (DPAweb):

These new online manuals are interactive and user-friendly. We hope you find the new features and improvements helpful. Enhancements made to the manuals include index and glossary sections, a search function, cross-referencing and hyperlinks to help you find what you are looking for. Special features allow you to print manual sections, and add them to favorites. There is an email function but it is not working properly at this time. It should be available soon.

The online manuals have a new look, but contain the same policies that currently exist in your hard copy manuals. The PDF versions of these four program manuals have been removed from the DPAweb. Updates to these manuals will no longer be printed and distributed. When changes to these manuals are made, they will be announced by broadcast and will include an electronic file of the sections that have been changed.

We will soon provide managers with an electronic file of the entire online manual that can be used to print a hard copy for the office for reference if needed. A new file will be sent each time a manual change is made.

An online tutorial is available to assist you in navigating the manuals and using the new features. The tutorial is available on the internal DPA website (DPAWeb) under "Quicklinks" (Tutorial). In order to view the entire tutorial screen, you may need to close your "Favorites." Please disregard the instruction in the beginning of the tutorial about the navigation starting on the DPA public website. Your navigation for the online manuals will start from the internal DPA website "Manuals" under "Employee Resources".

NOTE: When starting the tutorial if you encounter a Cisco security agent box, simply click "Yes" then click "Apply" to continue.

If you have any questions about these new online manuals, please email the Policy and Program Development Team at or Field Services at