Interim Procedure/Guidance for New UIB Claims

Submitted by Clay Butcher on June 2, 2005 - 9:59am


During the recent Learning Summits, we provided policy clarification regarding the anticipation of Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB) income. As explained, when a new UIB claim has been established, workers must determine when this income will be received using information from Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD). At the same time, DOLWD expressed concerns regarding the release of confidential Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB) information by their UI Call Centers and the high volume of calls they received.

Policy staff are working with DOLWD staff to develop a long-term solution for providing information needed to anticipate income and determine eligibility, and address DOLWD concerns. In the meantime, we have developed an interim procedure to be used over the next few weeks that is effective immediately.

Interim Procedure

The DOL Interface will continue to be used as the first means of obtaining UIB information when processing an application, recertification/review, alert or report of change. If information is not available on the interface to anticipate income and determine eligibility, DPA staff will no longer contact the UI Call Centers directly. Instead, staff will use the following procedure to obtain the necessary UIB information:

  • The designated policy contact in the office will e-mail DPA Policy. The email should state UIB INFO REQUESTED in the subject line, and include the UI claimants name, Social Security number, and an explanation of the UIB information needed to determine eligibility or anticipate income.
  • Policy staff will work with DOLWD support staff in Juneau to obtain the necessary information as quickly as possible, with a goal of responding within one workday.

Reminder: For expedited Food Stamp cases, income verification can be postponed if it cannot be obtained within the expedite timeframe. In these cases, the application will be processed using available information from the interface and the client.

To streamline the process for anticipating UIB income, we are providing additional guidance below for workers who encounter applicants with new UIB claims.

DPA Applicants with New UIB Claims

When a DPA applicant has recently established a new UIB claim, information about the benefit year, balance, weekly benefit amount and duration of benefits will appear on the BC20 (Client ES/UI Information) and BB05 (Full Program Entitlement) screens in the DOL Interface. Often, there will not yet be a payment history for this claim on the BB53 (Weekly Disbursements) screen that can be used to anticipate when income will be received.

To anticipate this income when there is no payment history:

  • Workers will discuss the potential UIB income with the applicant to determine if the individual expects to receive the amount shown on the DOL Interface. DOLWD sends the individual information about their UI benefit amount (called the monetary determination) when the claim is established, with a claimant handbook instructing how to claim UIB payments. The individual may also have received additional information from DOLWD about the claim’s status.
  • If the individual expects to receive the UIB payment amount shown for the new claim, the DPA worker will anticipate that the first week after the benefit year beginning date will be the required waiting week, and that payment for the second week’s benefit will be issued during the third week. Following that, claims will be filed every two weeks and payments made for two weeks at a time.

Example: A new DPA applicant has a new UIB claim established on July 6, 2005. July 3 is the benefit year start date (always a Sunday) for the new claim. During the week of July 17, the individual files the claim for the waiting week, July 3, and the first possible week of benefits, July 10. The payment for the first week of benefits will then be issued during the week of July 17. The applicant will not be able to claim further UIB until the week of July 31, so the worker will anticipate one week of UIB will be received for July, allowing time for the payment to be directly deposited or delivered by mail. The worker will anticipate future month’s income based on claims being filed every two weeks.

  • Workers can also refer to the UI claimant handbook available online at for more information about the process for receiving UIB payments.
  • If the individual indicates that they do not expect the full weekly UIB payment or that the payment will be delayed, the DPA worker should ask the individual for whatever information they have about the situation, such as a notice from DOLWD.
  • In order to assist the individual and facilitate the determination of eligibility and benefits, the designated policy contact in the office can e-mail DPA Policy to request the necessary information.
  • Once UIB payments have been issued on a claim, the BB52 (Week Claimed Entitlement) and BB53 (Weekly Disbursements) screens can be used to determine the payment history and anticipate future payments.

    We will broadcast further guidance for obtaining UIB information as soon as it is available. If there are any questions about this broadcast or these instructions, please contact any member of the Policy and Program Development Team at 465-3347 or email DPA Policy at

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