Performance Data

Submitted by Curtis Nelson on February 12, 2004 - 9:04am

I will be visiting as many offices as I can in the coming weeks to personally share our 2004 Strategic Plan with you. I am also excited to share many new, innovative ideas that your managers have adopted to revitalize and improve the DPA continuous improvement process. Clearly our goal is to improve our service and performance.

The Governor, the Legislature and our Department increasingly expect us to manage toward continuous improvement in performance. The Division of Public Assistance is moving forward with our strategic planning, aimed at that objective and more specifically,achieving annual performance goals. Each year our budget documents must set out specific performance goals and strategies to attain them. It is important for each and every DPA staff member to be familiar with our mission and our goals.

One of the new approaches we'd like to share with you today is the Division Performance Summaries. They display how well we are doing on our performance goals, both statewide and in each region and district office. Please view the current summaries. The Performance Summaries will be updated monthly and are located on DPAweb in the Performance Integrity and Analysis section.

Our performance goals focus on the targets set out in our division budget. We believe this focus on performance targets is the start of a process that will change the way we approach our mission. We hope that this year's efforts to draft a Strategic Plan for FY2004 inaugurates a planning process that will become an annual DPA tradition and a continual drive for excellence.

We will be expanding and refining our measures annually as this process evolves. I think it is very important that all staff know our performance goals, so we can all drive to achieve them. Please visit the website. I look forward to any comments you have regarding these statistics, our performance targets, or our attempts to revitalize the continuous improvement process.

Anthony M. Lombardo, Esq.
Division of Public Assistance