Welcome to the DPAprojects!


Project Sites

DPAprojects is the Division's online collaboration area for improvement projects such as ProBudgeting 2001, and the 60 Month Limit project. Originally started to support Food Stamp Re-investment efforts, DPAProjects now includes projects initiated by the Business Analysis Project, SOAR (the FS re-investment plan), and other priority initiatives such as the Employment Outcomes Improvement project.

These pages differ from our main DPAWeb and DPATraining pages in that they are primarily tools for online collaboration. In order to facilitate large, diverse, statewide projects with participants spread across the state, the Division has created these project sites. They have features that you may not be familiar with, but we have prepared a series of support pages and tutorials to help you navigate, find information, and contribute to these projects.

Hopefully, you will find these tools of use to you. If you have questions about these sites or comments on how they could be improved please contact our Division WebTeam. We will do our best to answer your questions.