Reorganization Overview

Submitted by Clay Butcher on March 24, 2003 - 11:21am

Update to Staff:
Friday, March 21, 2003
This week's update features Rod Moline, the Project Director for the DHSS Reorganization Project. Many of you know Dr. Rod Moline as the DHSS Home & Community Based Waiver Unit Supervisor, and he was formerly Executive Director for REACH, Inc. for 15 years.

Reorganization Overview, by Rod Moline
I am honored to be involved in the task of spearheading the reorganization of DHSS. This will be a challenge for many of us, and I am pleased to find so many committed individuals in support of the reorganization. The time is ripe for change. Capturing and facilitating the interest and resolve to implement the reorganization will be a priority for me. No one person can manage the scope and outcome of such an undertaking. I fully intend to incorporate as much support and expertise as possible to ensure the success of the reorganization.

I have focused this week on developing relationships with knowledgeable individuals who will help drive the DHSS reorganization. I am pleased to say that I found a lot of groundwork already accomplished that prepares this Department for this massive project. Fortunately, the Department has many knowledgeable and capable persons whose help will be essential to the success of the reorganization.

I will ask the Commissioner to designate several DHSS staff to serve on the oversight "Planning Team" for the reorganization. This team will focus over the next few weeks on formulating a final version of the organizational chart, which will articulate a clear outcome for this entire undertaking. Here are the guidelines we will use to develop this chart:
Together we are creating an organization that is continually expanding its
capacity to deliver services within its resources, so that the people DHSS serves
can create their own futures.
"Outcome based" organizations are less hierarchical and more horizontal in

Patience is the companion of wisdom. It will take time to effect meaningful and lasting structural change to the department.

Only those who do nothing make no mistakes.

Governments are rarely structured to be efficient because large sums of money typically create structural inefficiency. However, as money dwindles, inefficiencies can overwhelm government's capacity to provide for its citizens.

We have an opportunity to rethink our department and to build a more efficient organization that provides better customer service.

The "Planning Team" will work with Director's who will solicit feedback from their Division and provide Division support as needed for the reorganization. I will work with Ross Soboleff, DHSS Public Information Officer, to develop our reorganization web site so that our people can stay informed and offer input and opinions on the reorganization as we move forward.

On the site I will post the timelines and charts depicting the current Department organization, and the new DHSS organization. The site will also list appropriate contact persons for specific questions and/or concerns, so that we can adequately respond to our own staff as the reorganization progresses. This will help us stay organized and responsive to our employees who are most affected.

I can be reached at 465-1605 or via email at I welcome your questions or comments.Thank you.

Rod Moline, Ph.D.
Project Manager


Randall Burn retires from Alaska Psychiatric Institute
Today we bid farewell to Randall Burns, who has served as Director of Alaska Psychiatric Institute (API) for the past eight years. Randall's drive and vision brought about changes in the approach to patient care and improved services to our clients. Under his leadership, API received one of the highest accreditation ratings of any hospital in the country. A highlight of his 26 years of public service was the approval of the design/build, funding and groundbreaking for a new Alaska Psychiatric Institute last fall. The Department of Health and Social Services deeply appreciates his contribution to this effort.


Joel Gilbertson, Commissioner