190 Years with DPA

Submitted by Clay Butcher on April 26, 2011 - 1:58pm

In a few short days eight of our co-workers will be retiring from the Division of Public Assistance. Collectively, they have over 210 years of state service and more than 190 years of experience with the Division of Public Assistance! Many of them have worked in a wide range of positions within DPA and each of them has strived to be a first-rate co-worker and teammate and to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Over the years they worked with DPA ,each of them as helped countless of Alaskans in need and supported the efforts of scores upon scores of co-workers and partners in sister agencies and community organizations. They have been a part of some of the most profound changes our agency has gone through over the years and all have contributed to making DPA the best agency in state government.

Please join me in thanking Beth Maiquis, Debbie Gage, Jeanette Skinner, Barbara Hollywood, Ginny Meyer, John Ellis, Connie Boquist, and Stephanie Hoyt for their dedication and service to Alaska’s most vulnerable citizens. Let’s wish them the best of luck in whatever new adventures await them.