September Was National Preparedness Month - Get a kit, make a plan and be informed!

Submitted by Anonymous on October 2, 2007 - 12:28pm

September Was National Preparedness Month
Get a kit, make a plan and be informed!

Did you know that all Alaskans need to be prepared to manage in an emergency without assistance for at least 72 hours and possibly up to 2 weeks?

September just ended but it is important to note that it was National Preparedness Month, a time to increase public awareness about emergency responsiveness and encourage individuals to take action. For more information about preparing your family for an emergency see the
Ready America website

When visiting this site, be sure to click on 1 (Get A Kit), 2 (Make A Plan) and 3 (Be Informed)

DPA is also working to improve our preparedness and ensure we can effectively deliver program services in the wake of an emergency or disaster. We recently submitted our annual Food and Nutrition Services Disaster Response Plan. This plan primarily covers Food Stamp benefit distribution in the event of an emergency but DPA is expanding the plan to cover all of our program benefits, including child care. Once approved by FNS, you will find this plan on our internal website.

To ensure staff will be comfortable implementing a response, we are finalizing the Disaster Response Field Guide, a step-by-step handbook for use during an emergency. A Disaster Response Training Guide is also under development to help you understand your roles and responsibilities in an emergency and effectively use the Field Guide.

DPA employees are urged to take the time to ensure you and your families are prepared to be as safe as possible. As we roll out our division Disaster Response, your personal preparedness will help ensure your safety and your ability to help DPA respond to the needs of others.

Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions about our Disaster Response planning efforts.

Thanks for all you do to help our Division thrive!

Disaster Planning Team Leader, Deborah Craig, 907-465-8259

Disaster Planning Team, Clarissa Moon, Cheryl Kagee, Trish Cole and Elizabeth Lebert