Central and Coastal Regions move into Statewide work!

On October 22, 2018, DPA will have all of our offices statewide working non-lobby work together as one team! YAY!

What this means:
Just like Southeast and Northern Regions, Central Region will begin with a clean slate on October 22, 2018. As a reminder, our Coastal Region transferred their backlog work at the beginning of this project so there isn’t any from their Region.

All offices will soon be working together to ensure our non-lobby work/clients are accounted for daily. This takes a tremendous amount of effort to appropriately staff the tracks within PathOs, so please continue to inform supervisors prior to 8am if you will be late or unable to make it for the day. Our managers arrive early so they can identify the work to be completed each day and match our staffing resources to where the client needs are the greatest.

Behind the scenes to make this effort successful:
Our statewide WFM (Work Flow Monitor—a.k.a. Woof-Mm) orchestrates the non-lobby work across the state- Thank you Deb Robinette! Deb watches our work from a statewide perspective and asks managers to adjust staff accordingly.

These staff adjustments occur during a mid-day statewide discussion to look at what has been accomplished towards our daily goals and what has changed in either our staffing resources or incoming work. It is after this time when staff may be asked to “shift” tracks after lunch because we are responding to the greatest client needs. Although we try to keep this at a minimum, it really depends upon what happens daily with incoming work and staffing availability SOOOOO THANK YOU for being flexible!

Since we have been utilizing PathOs for over a year now, we have data on transaction times so we can accurately predict how many families we will assist in each track. This is why we are able to set daily goals based upon the number of staff at work and the average transaction time, we can guestimate the number of families we can help each day.

Lastly, during this process, all regions have reported that they have not needed to close their lobbies early- caring for todays work today while tackling the backlog equates to fewer unnecessary contacts with our customers. SO Central Region, please know that you will have a lot of resources to assist you with your non-lobby work and over time your clients will no longer need to come into the lobby as frequently. Hang in there--positive changes are coming!

A huge “Thank you” to everyone for trusting BPR process and sticking with it. We are starting to see the tide swing!

Most humbly,
Tammie and Aimee