20 new Field Services positions!

Submitted by Arlo Midgett on August 7, 2018 - 9:38am

20 new Field Services positions and
8 Long-Term Nonpermanent Office Assistant (OA) Positions for Field support

When developing the budget for this fiscal year, we requested 41 positions so we could address the backlog and maintain same day service even with the increased caseloads. We were granted 20 positions with funding for 3 years. When we approach the end of the 3 year funding term, we will assess if the positions are still needed and request continued funding if warranted or determine which positions can remain vacant.

After gathering information from the Regional Managers on offices across the state, we needed to look at current lease space and where these staff can be housed without adding additional lease costs. The new positions will be located and classified as identified below:

Kodiak- 1 ET II
Homer- 1 ET II; 1 ET IV
Wasilla- 11 ET II; 2 ET III (1 will be a case reviewer); 1 ET IV; 3 OA II

Additionally, we have been given the approval to establish and hire 8 OA II Long-term Non-permanent (LTNP) positions to focus on filing and archiving as we begin moving towards centralizing files and mail space (more on this project later this week):

Gambell- 4 OA II positions
Frontier building- 2 OA II positions
Wasilla- 2 OA II positions

Thank you for your patience as we continue to seek ways to improve our services and look for efficiencies.

Tammie and Aimee