Southeast Region “moves” into statewide work

Submitted by Arlo Midgett on August 3, 2018 - 3:26pm

Last week we continued the transition of offices to statewide non-lobby work! Southeast Region (Ketchikan, Juneau, Bethel and Sitka) has joined with our Northern and MatSu Regions (Wasilla, Kenai, Fairbanks and Nome offices = WKFN).

What this means:
Just like Northern Region did, Southeast Region began with a clean slate on July 23rd, began sharing non-lobby work, and processing all incoming work the same day. Yes, we are adding more to the backlog in a bundle--However, recent backlog is completed more timely by the unacted report clean up team and by following BPR principles, One and Done as staff are working everything associated with a client with minimal touches.


  • Southeast Region transitioned all of their backlog into the Backlog domain in PathOS and the Backlog team will begin to chip away at it.
  • The leadership team in the Southeast Region has been receiving assistance from C!A (Change and Innovation Agency) and other leadership staff from across the state.

Details of the transition:

  • Southeast Region will jointly share all non-lobby work with MatSu/Northern Region (WKFN). This will occur with all offices/regions eventually so in the end, all offices will share non-lobby work and be responsible for keeping their lobbies open on a daily basis, without growing backlog.
  • As always, the backlog team may be called upon to assist with keeping the statewide team current which assists everyone immediately by only touching our customer cases once.
  • The Southeast Region has a shared lobby and will continue to pilot this idea for two weeks. We have agreed to revisit this approach to ensure it is working efficiently with the statewide workload.
  • OA staff across the WKFN domain are working together to ensure the items are immediately scanned into the Z drive and triaged into PathOS so anyone of the staff can claim next and the items are ready to work.
  • Gentle reminder: It is important for all staff in the WKFN + Southeast Region to inform their supervisor by 8 am if they are unable to make it to work for the day. The leadership teams across the state depend upon knowing who is in the office to “staff” a track adequately which will reduce the number of emails for staff to switch tracks.

This is an amazing time! Thank you all for your flexibility, your passion for serving our customers timely, and for your focus! Every completed cold call, application registered-scanned- and entered into PathOs, and application/ROC/recert worked to completion is the meaning of the One-and-Done that serves our customers in true DPA fashion. Thank you!

More information to come!

Tammie and Aimee