BPR update on implementation!

Submitted by Clay Butcher on May 23, 2016 - 10:19am

Here is an update on JuniKan- an endearing term the SE leadership have named the BPR co-meetings with Juneau and Ketchikan!

JuniKan has experienced some growing pains through the transition into the BPR model with a shared Non-Lobby environment. Both groups of staff are doing well, and are learning to work together as a single team in PathOs. Thanks to Vicki, Gwenda, Angela, Jeanne, Hanna, Linda and others who have talked through some of the bugs and came up with solutions even when it was really challenging! In addition, the eligibility staff are reporting that they really like the management tool overall and that it is easy to use. C!A and JuniKan have been in communication for coaching staff on how to interpret the PathOs data, how to list specific actions, and what is important to keep an eye on (approved/denied rates).

For example, in the past four weeks, JuniKan has worked 483 Lobby cases, with 411 approved/denied (85%) same day thus far! The high percentage of approved/denied is what we want to see! The average total service time for lobby cases has been 1 ½ hours.

In Non-lobby work, JuniKan has worked 1803 cases, and approved/denied 1540 (85%). Again, the approved/denied percentage is right were we like to see it- Nicely done!

C!A was recently in Fairbanks conducting their site planning sessions. The feedback from the planning sessions was very positive and we look forward to Fairbanks laying a solid foundation for BPR implementation in Mid-July! We really think Fairbanks is in a great position for implementation based on the work being done now--Yea! Keep it up, your hard work now will definitely pay-off later!

But, wait, there’s more!! This week, Muldoon will be implementing BPR. They will have the soft opening in the morning of May 23 (today!) to work the process and understand the HowWe guide. Based upon the Statewide Planning Team’s recommendations, the Muldoon site has added several staff to build up the staffing level to be successful with triaging customer needs. Site leadership is doing a great job eliminating scheduled interviews and holding the line on future scheduling. Great work Muldoon!

We really appreciate all of the staff rolling up your sleeves and working to change the way we are doing business! These fundamental changes will help us obtain the goal of same day service and this cannot be done without your dedication. Although, we continue to work with the 8 offices to implement BPR, we are considering what the best plans are for the other offices are so they become part of the changes sweeping the division. Please be patience as we work through the details- more to come.

Tammie and Aimee