Business Process Redesign Update

Submitted by Clay Butcher on April 8, 2016 - 2:20pm

Holly Cow, Batman! Ketchikan is rolling!

Ketchikan implemented Business Process Redesign this week and the results have been VERY IMPRESSIVE! Ketchikan completed their dry run on Monday and it generally consisted of:

1. The first hour of the day (8-9) was spent on quick tasks that allowed staff to register applications, direct their phone lines to voice mail and changed their messages to identify the phone was going to the main line, and other tasks.

2. Having 1 support staff in the lobby from 8 to noon so clients could drop off information and allowing phone calls to go directly to voicemail.

3. From 9- 12, all staff met to review the HowWe guide, review the processes and procedures, and ensure everyone understood the PathOs management tool.

4. The afternoon was spent placing staff in the assigned tracks and having their first standup meeting regarding the use of PATHO’s and tracks assigned to them. They were caring for customers, entering information into the PATHOs management tool, retrieving and disposing them from PATHO’s as well. They were checking voicemails, and celebrating a new way of doing business!

The remainder of the week consisted of staff asking questions of the C!A team onsite to assist, getting more comfortable with the PathOs management tool, and the other BPR processes. The stats from Monday afternoon through Thursday close of business show total cases worked:

236 cases worked
89% completion rate (cases approved or denied, not pended)
20 additional cases cleared (those tasks associated with another primary task that “bundled”)

Thursday was particularly impressive:

89 cases worked
92% completion rate
11 cases cleared

AND—we set a goal to work all of the April recerts that were submitted timely but were delayed in processing. There were 40. Goal was 30 based on the number of workers available. As it turns out, KDO hit the 40 goal! Starting Friday, they will begin to work May recertification and have a strong chance to work these by the 15th of April.

We are all very proud of the team’s accomplishments this week! Please give them a round of applause!!

Also, Juneau is preparing to go live on April 18th, more to come!

Tammie and Aimee