BPR Weekly Update

Good afternoon! I just wanted to provide a quick update on the Business Process Redesign (BPR) efforts. Yes, we are continuing to move forward with the initial activities (aka—assessment and process discovery of how we are currently doing our work). To date, site assessments have been conducted at the Kenai, Coastal Field, Fairbanks, and Ketchikan offices with Mat-Su and Gambell slated for next week and Juneau for mid-December. The Change and Innovation Agency (C!A) personnel reported that without exception, the interviews with staff at all sites has been insightful and professional.

These site assessments identify and document how the work is processed by offices, therefore by comparing the differences between offices and using BPR principles, DPA's design team will be able to capture best-practices. This design team will be tasked with constructing the best process for a statewide model going forward.

Considering the pressure that comes with our current workload, I am very grateful to all of the DPA staff who attended these interviews and process discovery sessions for the betterment of the Division! These assessments are important. This information becomes the building blocks for our staff-led design sessions which will occur in the first quarter of 2016.

Stay tuned--the next sites to be assessed will be MatSu, Gambell, and Juneau