A Message from the Chief of Field Services to all Field Services Staff

Submitted by Clay Butcher on December 6, 2013 - 10:01am

Hello DPA Staff,

Thank you for your assistance in providing solutions to improve the timeliness of our applications and recertification/renewals. The collaborative problem solving events held in each region brought forward great ideas and suggestions from all of you!

During the week of November 12, the Field Service Managers met with Mary Riggen, Chief of Program Integrity, and Tama Carson, Quality Assessment Manager, to review all ideas and suggestions. As a result, specific areas for improvement were identified which represent common objectives across all regions. To further develop these areas, Field Services Managers are leading work groups with staff representation from each region. Meetings began the week of November 25 and the expected target for implementation of any new process that the workgroups develop is February 2014.

A special thank you to all the staff who volunteered or were assigned to participate in the workgroups. As a member of a work group you are the representative for your region. It is very important that you gather information, ideas, and suggestions from your coworkers. Be sure to share information with regional staff after the work group meetings. If you need dedicated time for work group meetings or tasks, please request this from your supervisor.

The following work groups will be meeting soon to assist in improving our overall timeliness:

• Daily Packets Work Group
Facilitator: Marjorie Tiedje
Members: Shanna Karella, Vicki Pridgen, Linda Coger, Diane Dykstra, Kari Evanoff, Lynn Granado, Kristina Chaput, Gwenda Stewart, and Suzi Pulczinski

• First Contact Resolution Work Group
Facilitator: Tammie Walker
Members: Leslie Sharp, Anna Brost, Tom Bybee, Christy Burch, Patty Burglin, Lelan Day, Rachel Martinez, Buffy Chapman, Barbara Baker, Tim Merrill, and Antoinette Horn.

• Developing Tips and Tricks of using the Unacted Report
Facilitator: Linda Dawson
Members: Mike Thibodeau, Marjie Tiedje, Mark Armstrong, Char Ervin, and Jack Eddy

• Process Management Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
Facilitator: Mike Thibodeau:
Members: Kirk Roesing, Tyrone Gibson, Linda Dawson, Clarissa Moon, Jenny Belanger, Greg Hendrie, Kelley Koffard, and Antoinette Horn

• Managing Alerts
Facilitator: Jenny Belanger
Members: Char Ervin, Jeff Robnolte, Michelle Morgan, Marg Parsons, Dawna Paukstys, Rochelle Chaffin, Johnna Sanborn, Gabrielle Stevens, Annette Dooley, and Harvey Anvil

• Exploring a DPA Call Center Work Group
Facilitator: Bob Tomczak
Members: To be determined

If you have any ideas or suggestions about any of topics above, please share it with the workgroup members. I look forward to seeing the results of the collaboration that each group will produce to improve our overall timeliness.

Thank you,

Suzi Pulczinski
Chief of Field Services