New and Improved DPAweb!

Submitted by Clay Butcher on December 17, 2002 - 2:35pm

The DPAWeb has a new, updated look. Redesigned especially for you, the new DPAWeb is another part of our Division's ongoing efforts to use the internet to improve communication, create tools for better business processes, and support employee development.
We have made several changes to the design and layout of this website to make it easier for staff to access the online resources that are available. If it's not currently your default internet page, you may want to make it so because DPA Web is intended to support you and the work you do.

In the coming months, we will be adding new features to our DPA Web and making improvements based on your comments and suggestions.

A million thanks to the hard working folks that made this redesign happen. Clay Butcher, Curtis Nelson, Debbie McDonald, Margo Nash and Network Services staff - you've been great! Also thanks to many of you who reviewed, gave comments and took the survey, despite your already busy schedules!

The new website is located at:
If you have any comments or suggestions on our new DPA Web, please e-mail them to DPA Webmasters.