Info on Transition

Submitted by Curtis Nelson on December 4, 2002 - 2:50pm

Here's some information on the transition from the Knowles
administration to that of Governor Murkowski. As you all know, Governor Murkowski and Lt. Governor Leman were sworn in to office on Monday noon. Here's some information about what's happening so far in our Department:
Bob Labbe, DMA Director, is acting DHSS Commissioner. It is my understanding that this assignment could last from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on the Commissioner selection process. Jack Neilson is acing DMA Director in the interim.

One Director has left the Department - Teresa Tanoury, former DFYS Director, is now working for the Casey Family Foundation. DFYS Administrative Manager Tom Cherian is acting DFYS Director.

As happens with all transitions, Directors were asked to submit their resignations and to apply to the new administration if they are interested in staying on. They stay in place until the administration makes a decision to accept their resignation or reappoint them.

My current status is that I am Deputy Director again and acting Director until the administration appoints a new Director. This week I will be involved in discussions with the acting Commissioner and the transition team members to provide information to the Murkowski administration on the current issues/challenges/major activities in DPA. Those areas will include budget, regulatory and legislative needs, the expected Food Stamp Program accuracy rate challenge and expected new penalty, TANF reauthorization and account balance, and the Employment Outcome Improvement Project.

Two Administrative Orders were Issued by the Governor on Monday. Attached in a memo from Division of Administrative Services Director Janet Clarke that provides an explanation of the orders.

Clarification of Administrative Orders 201 202.rtf
Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Chris Ashenbrenner
Acting Director
Division of Public Assistance
Department of Health & Social Services