Contracted Services Quality Assurance

Submitted by Anonymous on June 10, 2004 - 1:45pm

The PI&A Contracted Services Quality Assurance section is responsible for the continuous improvement monitoring of DPA grants, contracts, and service agreements. Monitoring is conducted to promote provider performance, service delivery improvements and to ensure compliance with contractual requirements.

Monitoring is an on-going process encompassing reviews of monthly statistical reports, performance outcomes, on-site assessments, and analysis of supportive service spending. Findings from statistical reports and program reviews are the basis for increasing the effectiveness of client services. DPA works in close partnership with service providers to promote collaboration, improve program outcomes, and identify strengths and best practices.

Continuous improvement monitoring goals are:

  • Achieving or exceeding DPA Performance Measures
  • Accurate and timely data reporting
  • Appropriate and cost-effective supportive service expenditures
  • All families make progress towards self-sufficiency
  • Adherence to DPA principles

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