Note from the Director

Submitted by Clay Butcher on March 17, 2003 - 10:20am

My sincere thanks to everyone who worked through the trying weather conditions last week. As Alaskans, we are certainly no strangers to adverse weather. However, the unseasonably heavy snowfall in Juneau and the destructively high winds in Anchorage and Mat-Su posed particular challenges to our staff.

I appreciate the extra effort by everyone who braved snow and high wind to report to work. Your efforts kept our operations running and our clients served.

In the case of our Gambell office staff, I especially appreciate your responsiveness and flexibility after the loss of your building. Special thanks go out to Amy Smith who worked long and hard to ensure the loss of power and heat at the Gambell offices would not result in the destruction of state equiptment and files. Amy did a fine job working with the building owner to get temporary heat into the building, find temporary locations for staff to see clients and routing clients from the closed building at Gambell.

My thanks to the Anchorage APA, Muldoon and Frontier Bldg offices that allowed the normal flow of business to be disrupted by temporary staff relocations.

Finally thanks to Anchorage Network Services for rescueing the Gambell office servers. You all proved that when unexpected disaster strikes, good people rise to the occasion.

Have a great week.

Anthony Lombardo