Northern Region “moves” into Statewide work

Submitted by Arlo Midgett on March 9, 2018 - 4:15pm

As we continue with the Backlog initiative, we wanted to inform DPA that the Northern Region (Fairbanks and Nome offices) will be joining with our MatSu Region (Wasilla and Kenai offices) on March 19th 2018.

What this means:

Northern Region will begin, effective March 19, 2018, with a clean slate, share non-lobby work, and process all incoming work the same day.


• Northern Region will load all of their backlog into the backlog domain for the Backlog team to begin to conquer (by March 16th).
• The leadership team in the Northern Region has been receiving assistance from C!A (Change and Innovation Agency) for the past few months in preparation for this.
• The Northern Region Manager spent a week in Wasilla to better understand the minuscule details so their transition will be smooth.
• Northern Region leadership team will visit the Wasilla office March 12 – 16th to go over what to expect, discuss communication between the offices, share tips and tricks, etc. This visit will include in-depth training and continuity of clerical processes between the four offices (Fairbanks, Nome, Wasilla and Kenai) for sharing non-lobby work.
• The MatSu Regional leadership team, along with staff from C!A!, the Division Operations Manager and the Chief of Field Services will visit Northern Region March 19-23 for implementation into statewide non-lobby work between the regions.

Details of the transition:

• Northern Region will jointly share all non-lobby work with MatSu Region. This will occur with all regions eventually so in the end, all offices will share non-lobby work.
• Northern Region will be responsible for all lobby work on a daily basis, without growing backlog.
• Backlog team was reevaluated and the team will consist of 16 ETs focusing on Northern Region, MatSu Region and Coastal Region backlog.
• MatSu and Northern will continue to contribute a combined total of 11 staff to the Backlog team.
• However, the Backlog team may need to be called upon to assist MatSu or Northern to maintain same day service; and keep the non-lobby work within the established thresholds and vice versa, if MatSu and Northern are able to contribute additional staff to the Backlog team on a daily basis, they will.
• Virtual Contact Center (VCC) has been reduced to 12 ETs and is focusing their support to Northern, Southeast and Central Regions to include SNAP applications and other programs. Their focus does shift and they will continue to support the Regions when called upon.

This is an exciting time! Thank you all for your flexibility, your passion for serving our customers timely, and for your focus! Every completed cold call, application registered-scanned- and entered into PathOs, and application/ROC/recert worked to completion is the meaning of the One-and-Done that serves our customers in true DPA fashion. - Thank you!

More information to come! Sincerely, Tammie and Aimee