DPA Backlog Initiative

Submitted by Debbie McDonald on June 23, 2017 - 10:14am

Greetings everyone!

Although we have been remiss with communicating what’s happenin’, there has been a lot of action within DPA!

What’s Happenin’ you ask? Well, the MatSu Region is rockin’ it! They have reached a point where they are able to staff their PathOS work effectively and efficiently AND they have staff “left over”. This means they are able to work what is coming in daily for the MatSu region and they are, dare we say, looking for work... Therefore, the managers are assigning some staff to work the Backlog Domain to assist with clearing the backlog. The managers are primarily monitoring the incoming MatSu work daily and adjusting where they deem necessary. YAY!

The Backlog Team is making great headway as they were able to reduce the statewide backlog by over 3100 cases last week alone! At this pace, the current backlog should be eliminated in 24 weeks!

The VCC team is doing great! Although the VCC “system” is not functioning as we had hoped, we are still able to utilize this team to reduce the number of interviews that are booked out too far. Additionally, the VCC team is looking at the unacted report to make cold calls for FS cases. On June 19th, they began pulling the statewide unacted report. At that time, there were 48 cases at day 14 and 44 cases at day 17, and of these they were able to complete cold calls and work what they could. Four days later, all of the 15 day old Food Stamp cases have been cold called and they are ahead of schedule! This team is currently looking at Food Stamp applications at 13 days old to ensure they are called.

Please take a moment to look at the weekly report that shows the work balance by region. Each Region is able to keep up with the incoming work, so even with the loss of resources (staff placed on the Backlog Team), each region is still able to reduce backlog within their own region! Keep in mind all EIS alerts and ARIES tasks are being worked at recert/review so that is saving you a lot of capacity to get to the real backlog.

We appreciate your commitment to sticking to the BPR efforts! Remember, the work that you do is very important to the families we serve and our redesign efforts are aimed at getting us back to same day service. This can’t be achieved without your willingness to accept a new way of providing service. THANK YOU.

Tammie and Aimee