Department of Health and Social Services

Division of Public Assistance





MANUAL:  Alaska Temporary Assistance Program


DATE:  December 1, 2016


This year Social Security announced a 0.3% COLA increase effective January 1, 2017.  We have updated the Alaska Temporary Assistance income eligibility and shelter allowance standards to reflect the annual COLA adjustments in Social Security benefits.  The new standards are effective beginning with the benefit month of January 2017.  The Eligibility Information System will automatically apply these new standards when determining eligibility and benefit amounts beginning January 2017.  Clarification has been added regarding the eligibility of half-siblings to align with the Alaska administrative code. A link to the new MAGI Medicaid manual has been added in the Transitional Medicaid section.  ABLE account information has been clarified and aligns with the other Public Assistance programs.  The city name of Barrow has been updated to its new official name, Utqiagvik.


Highlights of these policy revisions are described below.  If you have any questions please contact the Policy and Program Development Team at:





MS 711-2  Mandatory Filing Unit


MS 711-4  Who May Not Be Included in the Assistance Unit


MS 719-2  Employability Assessment


MS 740-3 B.  Transitional Medicaid


MS 753-6  Other Exclusions


MS 770-4  Diversion


MS 780-1 G.  Ratable Reduction


MS 780-3  Calculating The Payment Amount


MS 780-19 H.  Verification Of Shelter Costs


Addendum 2  Temporary Assistance Income and Payment Standards


Addendum 3  Criteria For AK Native Village Time Limit Exemption