Department of Health and Social Services

Division of Public Assistance





MANUAL:  Alaska Temporary Assistance Program


DATE:  April 1, 2016


We are making several changes to clarify existing policy as a result of suggestions from the field. We have also made changes to the self-employment annualization table based on changes in the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) for Alaska.


Highlights of these policy revisions are described below. If you have any questions please contact the Policy and Program Development Team at:




MS 705-4 B.  Information from Data Systems and EIS Interfaces

 • Updates to the SOLQ section; states to check at each application and review.

 • Updates the term "recertification" with "review" for consistency with State of Alaska regulations and ATAP Manual Section 790.


MS 710-4 Native Family Assistance Programs and Eligibility for Alaska Temporary Assistance

 • Updates the hyperlink to the Native Family Assistance Program Guide, which was put into a different format.  The updated Native Assistance Program Guide also has a "Community Listing" page that can be referenced with each area's zip code along with the associated Tribal TANF/NFAP contact information.


759-6 E. Budgeting Self-Employment Income

• Updates the annualization chart in subsection 4 to reflect new federal poverty guidelines for April of 2016.


759-6 H. Policy Differences between Temporary Assistance, Family Medicaid, and Food Stamps

• Removed this subsection due to outdated policy, program names and hyperlinks.


780-3 Calculating the Payment Amount

• Updates example A. with the correct need standard, shelter costs and SUD.


Addendum 1 Exempt Alaska Native Villages

•  Removed the Village of Evansville from the list of Exempt Alaskan Native Villages because Evansville has not had a zip code assigned by the US Postal Service.  

•  Changed the Village of Akutan from exempt to non-exempt effective March of 2015, based on the Dept. of Labor's Rural Labor Market Survey.