Department of Health and Social Services

Division of Public Assistance 




MANUAL:   Alaska Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program


DATE:   December 2, 2019


This year the Social Security Administration announced a Cost of Living Allowance (COLACost of Living Allowance) increase effective January 2020, which increased the payee fee that can be excluded as unearned income. In addition to the COLACost of Living Allowance change, this manual revision includes an ABAWDAble-bodied Adult Without Dependents policy clarification regarding who is considered physically or mentally unfit for work as a result of guidance from FNSFood and Nutrition Service.


Highlights of these and other policy revisions are described below. If you have any questions, please contact the Policy & Program Development team at




MS 602-1(A)           Households      



MS 602-1(D)       US Citizenship and Eligible Alien Status



MS 602-1(G)       Determining Work Requirements and Exemptions



MS 602-1(I)       Voluntary Job Quit and Reduction of Work Hours



MS 602-1(L)       Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs)



MS 602-3(B)       Unearned Income



MS 602-3(D)       Exempt Income



MS 602-4(D)       Medical Deduction



MS 604-3(D)       Temporary Ineligibility/Case Suspension



MS 605-1(D)       Institutions



MS 605-3(B)       Expedited Service



MS 605-4(B)       Subsistence Hunting and Fishing



MS 608-1       Fair Hearings