CANO is not intended to replace other tools such as email and telephone to ensure clear communication between case managers and DPA eligibility staff.  Temporary Assistance case managers have read-access and write-access to CANO , but the use of CANO is limited to the entry of case specific information needed by the eligibility technician (ET) to take action on the case.  


CANO entries by case managers are limited to:







Case managers must set an alert whenever they make a CANO entry.  The alert entry should note the action requested and date the CANO entry was made.


Examples of alert entries:






Client specific entries made in CANO before the implementation of Client Notes will remain in CANO and will not be deleted.




Case managers must not, other than for the circumstances mentioned above, use CANO to report changes for their clients.  Clients should be reminded that it is their responsibility to report changes directly to their eligibility technician.  Case managers can facilitate the process by:






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2019-03 (12/19)