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Food Stamp National Directory of Contacts

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REMINDER: States develop individual TANF programs to address their state's needs. They may have different time limits and count months in different ways. Months in other states generally count for Alaska Temporary Assistance if cash assistance is received by an adult under a TANF-funded program, even if the state does not count those months towards their time limit. The exception is when the state determines that an adult lives in Indian Country or on an Indian Reservation with at least 50 percent or more of the adults not employed. Those months are not counted towards any time limit and states generally do not report them.

Although we do not know exactly how other states have structured their programs, we do know the earliest date that the TANF-funded program was operational within each state. This date should be used to make sure we do not count months towards the time limit for cash assistance received prior to the TANF-funded program. Otherwise, we have to rely on the information that the other state gives us for each adult. To get consistent information when inquiring about the number of months of cash assistance received in another state, be sure to ask:

How many months of cash assistance were received under a TANF-funded program by the adults in the case?

What are the starting and ending dates of the TANF-funded cash assistance received?

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