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We’re all familiar with ‘I’ (immediate) and ‘R’ (regular) issuance indicators and the importance of using them appropriately in EIS.

The use of the ‘A’ (advance) issuance indicator is less common but just as crucial, particularly in certain expedited food stamp situations.

Food stamp policy requires the initial prorated month benefit and the second month benefit be issued at the same time for all expedited food stamp households applying after the 15 th of the month. Entering the ‘A’ issuance indicator on the FSAD for the second month of benefits will cause the next food stamp issuance job to issue those future month benefits along with the prorated initial benefits. Both benefits will be made available to the client’s Quest card simultaneously.

When authorizing expedited food stamp benefits on applications received after the 15 th of the month:

  • Authorize the initial, prorated month on the FSAD as usual. The ‘I’ (immediate) issuance indicator is automatically displayed in the BENEFIT ISSUANCE field. The benefit will be issued by the next Immediate food stamp issuance.
  • Initialize the case into the second month.
  • If the second month is a future month, an ‘A’ must be entered in the BENEFIT ISSUANCE field. This will cause the second month benefit to be issued by the next Immediate food stamp issuance along with the initial, prorated month benefit.
  • If the second benefit month is the current calendar month, the second month allotment can be authorized with an ‘I’ issuance indicator and the benefit will be issued by the next Immediate food stamp issuance.
  • Check the CAP2 and FSBH to ensure the case has been left in the current system month with authorized benefits.

Other Uses of the ‘A’ Issuance Indicator

The ‘A’ issuance indicator can also be used in rare situations to provide quarterly or semiannual food stamp benefit issuances. Please refer to the Food Stamp manual (MS 605-3A) for details on when to use this process.

More information on using the ‘A’ issuance indicator can be found in EIS Procedure 1993-6, Simultaneous Food Stamp Issuance in Beginning Months.

- Laurie Maxwell