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Summer is near and the time approaches for most two parent ATAP benefits to be reduced by 50 percent for the months of July, August and September.  Systems Operations has several processes in place to assist caseworkers with these changes:

  • A letter from DPA Director Ellie Fitzjarrald is mailed in mid-May to families who will be affected by the upcoming seasonal benefit reduction.
  • EIS notice X067 (Seasonal Benefit Decrease) is also sent to all two-parent TA households on the last Thursday in May, advising them of the change.
  • On the evening of May 31, Systems Operations runs the Temporary Assistance Mass Change job reducing TA benefits for TA unemployed parent (UP) households.  The Food Stamp Mass Change job also runs to recalculate the FS allotment based on the smaller TA grant.  As always, it’s important to have your cases in the current system month (0608) with authorized benefits in order to allow the system processes to work correctly.
  • Mass Change reports are available to staff on Document Direct once the jobs are completed and are also mailed to each office in hard copy versions.  The reports include:
      • TA and FS Mass Change Detail Report (MASS1) – this report should be reviewed to make sure benefits have been adjusted correctly.  Pay particular attention to large amounts appearing in the ‘AMT OF CHG’ column at the right of the report.
      • TA and FS Cases Not Mass Changed (MASS2) – this report lists all cases that were not processed by the mass change jobs.  These cases must be checked and processed to ensure July benefits are correct.
  • EIS notice W712 (Seasonal Benefit Decrease) should be used to advise all two parent families listed on the MASS1 and MASS2 reports of their new benefit amount.
  • Policy provides an exemption to the seasonal reduction in TA benefits under certain limited conditions.  In order to provide unreduced benefits to UP households during the seasonal reduction season, EIS is programmed to disregard the reduction when a ‘Y’ is entered in the SEASONAL OVR (Override) field on the TAPD screen.

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