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A Shining DPAStar:
Linda Dawson

Our next Star has been with our agency for many years. Regarded by co-workers and friends as smart, intuitive, energetic and enthusiastic -- this Star shines brightly. It's rumored she loves hot spicy food and may even carry around her own big bottle of red pepper flakes. She is described by others as always smiling and willing to do what it takes to get the job done right. Can you guess this Star's identity?

Linda is one of those unique leaders whose vision, energy and commitment to excellence inspire others to greater levels of achievement. I have truly appreciated her ability to identify and develop strengths in members of her team, as well as her enthusiasm for creativity and innovation. I respect her professionalism, admire her expertise, and value her friendship.

Ginny Meyer

I have only worked with Linda Dawson for a year, so I don't know her as well has my co workers. However, I find her to be very professional, very supportive, and very well like by all her employees. I have really enjoyed working for her. She has been an outstanding supervisor. She has always made herself available to me and other employees, no matter where she may be at the time or what she may be up to, she always has time for her employees. She is not judgmental in anyway, she is very constructive and positive when dealing with situations, in the office and with the public. I think that this "company" is lucky to have an employee like Linda Dawson. I know I feel pretty fortunate to have her as my supervisor. 

Leah Doran

Linda has a unique talent for recognizing an employee's strengths. I have seen her use employees' strengths to the advantage of the entire office, all the while empowering those employees to be better than they already are. Linda is extremely committed to the Division of Public Assistance and continually reminds us of what our goal is as a Division. I have overheard and discussed with her on many occasions how personal values being inline with what we as a division do is important in this field. Her honesty and clear expectations in this area have been so refreshing for me as an employee. Over the past 2 years I have been lucky to work with Linda and see her as my mentor. She has played an important role in my professional development. Thank You Linda!

Nicole Whitesides ADC III

Linda's ability to match people in her employ to their abilities/capabilities is extraordinary!

Janet Engle

We need people like Linda. She is a true leader that sees the whole picture and can envision how to make the impossible work. Whenever there is a problem that seems overwhelming, Linda breaks it down into segments that can be dealt with. It has been a pleasure working with her!

Kathleen Wendt (ET II)

Linda works tirelessly on the job, overseeing and traveling between her Southeast Stations. I admire her honesty and integrity and she does her best to promote fairness and equality among her employees. She leads by example, and what a great example she provides! Thank You, Linda!

Cheri Murphy

Linda has energy and enthusiasm. Her positive attitude is obvious wherever she goes. Linda's work ethic sets a precedent for our division. Linda is always willing to listen to the ideas, or concerns of her staff and will focus on solutions, not problems, encourages action - not dwelling on controversy or stagnancy. She is not afraid of taking initiative. She encourages growth and development both personally and professionally for all of her employees. "You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great." -Joe Savah. Linda is a DOER! GOLD!!!!

Morgan Effenberger

Linda's first love is her new dog! From what I hear, the dog is nearly as big as her and takes her for a ride now & then! Literally off her feet! She loves hot spicy things and carries around a big bottle of red pepper flakes. She's always smiling, is easy to talk with and gets the job done!

Linda is a true professional with boundless energy and vision. She has worked tirelessly to make significant and positive changes in the region. She is a great supervisor and wonderful to work with. She always keeps the Division's mission and guiding principles in the forefront of all decisions made. I consider Linda a friend as well as a co-worker. 

Bonnie Toleman

I would like to nominate Linda Dawson for the DPA Star recognition. Linda is a very hard worker in fact maybe too hard. Her efforts to improve communication and team building within the Region at every level has increased morale dramatically. The overall effect has been increased productivity and customer service. She is committed to looking at each process at the District Office level as well as at the Regional level as to how better to serve both worker and customer. She is a true Public servant.

Rick Heinzen