Performance Measures

DPA Backlog Initiative, March 2019

Submitted by Arlo Midgett on March 26, 2019 - 8:07am

Good afternoon everyone!! We know it has been a little while since you have heard from us so…

What’s Happenin?
As we all continue to learn and trust our BPR processes and PathOS, we want you to see the progress we are making -- completing backlog and non-lobby work is positively impacting on our lobbies. (more)

DPA Backlog Initiative, March 2018

Submitted by Arlo Midgett on April 4, 2018 - 10:11am

The Backlog initiative is a quick – at a glance – document indicating the amount of incoming work and what our Field Staff were able to complete per region (please see attached).

FABULOUS JOB keeping the completion rate higher than 80%- WOW! This means that we are completing what we started 80% of the time and our customers are taken care of quickly. Additionally, the average transaction time 47 minutes- NICE! As a reminder to the Field Services Team and keeping with the BPR principles, just because the average transaction time is 47 minutes, we shouldn’t be setting an expectation to complete a specific number of actions per day. As we all know, every case is different and it depends upon what track staff are working in. For example, staff working in the Green track can’t be compared to those working in the Yellow track in terms of number of items completed. The daily numbers worked at the individual level will vary based upon the track they are working and if they have easy, difficult, or typical cases. The key here is to shorten what we have control over, our gap times, and take the steps to complete our cases so determinations are made for our customers. As Change and Innovation Agency has stated many times, we can’t complete our work faster without compromising our quality- and both are important, so we focus on what we can control by challenging our expectations of what we think we can complete in a day. Thank you for sticking with the process and assisting our customers!

Tammie and Aimee

March 2018 DPA Backlog Initiative Data

GIVE ME FIVE! 2007 Food Stamp Accuracy Improvement Campaign

Submitted by Anonymous on October 31, 2007 - 1:12pm

You’ve brought us another stride closer to our Food Stamp Program accuracy improvement campaign goal. As we near the end of the FFY 2007 sample year, Alaska stands 9th in the nation for overall payment accuracy. This will be our fourth consecutive year of progressive accuracy improvement – a first in our long history of tracking payment accuracy. You may recall that three states per year are recognized for having the most improved food stamp payment accuracy. We are currently in second place, and holding on to our position in the national competition for a performance bonus. We won’t call it a lock yet, but it is looking ever more probable thanks to your consistently great work.

Quality Councils

Submitted by Anonymous on July 21, 2005 - 1:20pm

"Collectively we can do what no person can do singly" - Leland Kaiser


Council Concept

Our goal is for council members selected from staff to form councils to review, discuss, and plan ways to continuously improve business. The concept is very similar to local municipal or borough assembly's that govern local communities. Local assemblies discuss
issues related to improving the communities in which we live.

Food Stamp Accuracy Campaign Update

Submitted by Curtis Nelson on April 29, 2004 - 7:50am

Jim Dalman - Chief, Program Integrity and Analysis

Our Better Than Average! campaign aims to achieve 93% food stamp payment accuracy in FFY 04. Your continued focus on work quality has us on course to meet our goal. The Quality Assessment sample is about one-third complete, and our accuracy rate stands at 93.3%. Five sample months (May - September) remain and if we can sustain our progress we will be in the running for a substantial bonus award for the most improved accuracy. The national food stamp error rate is continuing to decline, so we're hoping to be even a little better than better than average. As the often error-prone summer earnings season approaches, we think that the semi-annual reporting policy will help you sustain high accuracy. Our success has always comes down to the good work you do in the field. I am made confident by the earnest efforts and the sound results I see in each in office and region.

Performance Data

Submitted by Curtis Nelson on February 12, 2004 - 9:04am

I will be visiting as many offices as I can in the coming weeks to personally share our 2004 Strategic Plan with you. I am also excited to share many new, innovative ideas that your managers have adopted to revitalize and improve the DPA continuous improvement process. Clearly our goal is to improve our service and performance.

Food Stamp Accuracy Rate Campaign Good News

Submitted by Clay Butcher on January 28, 2004 - 2:09pm

I wanted to share with you some good news on our Better Than Average food stamp accuracy improvement campaign. You all know our goal is to perform better than the national average, and achieve at least 93% food stamp payment accuracy in Federal Fiscal Year 2004. So far, your hard work and increased focus on work quality appears to be yielding results. Thank you for your contribution to improving our accuracy.