What's Happenin'?

Submitted by Arlo Midgett on July 21, 2017 - 3:36pm

Since April 24, 2017, DPA began the implementation of the “Backlog Plan”. The first office to begin working with a zero slate was the MatSu Region. A new domain was created for them in PathOS so they would be able to focus on today's work today. Well, as you can see in the attached backlog initiative, the strategy is working! Please look at this link for specifics on the backlog initiative data.

MatSu has been able to keep up with the incoming work AND occasionally assigning staff to assist with the Backlog Team. This is fabulous news! What this means is that MatSu has been able to handle all of the incoming work daily so our clients are receiving benefits more quickly which lowers the number of phone calls. Additionally, MatSu is able to analyze the incoming work on a daily basis and management decides if they have the resources to temporarily reassign staff to work on the Backlog project. How cool is this?!

Along these lines, the backlog team is totally ROCKIN’ IT! We are three months into the backlog plan and these staff are really making a positive impact to our customers and co-workers. The Backlog team consists of your co-workers across the state and is led by Becky McGraw. They had been working on the Food Stamp backlog to get us within time frames and are now focusing on the Medicaid backlog. Although the Medicaid backlog takes more effort and time, they are still making great progress by completing over 2300 cases within the past two weeks! This means less phone calls coming into all offices! NICELY DONE TEAM!

With all offices focusing on completing today's work today and the additional assistance from the backlog team on SNAP applications, we have noticed a remarkable improvement in our timeliness!

SNAP timeliness non-expedite applications expedite applications total SNAP applications
April 2017 78% 76% 77%
June 2017 84% 78% 82%

Lastly, we are making plans to train our Nome staff on the BPR principles and get them into the PathOS system in September. We were hoping to have an Eligibility Office Manager on-site prior to this, however, we cannot delay any longer.

Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Tammie and Aimee