Food Stamp Accuracy Campaign Update

Submitted by Curtis Nelson on April 29, 2004 - 7:50am

Jim Dalman - Chief, Program Integrity and Analysis

Our Better Than Average! campaign aims to achieve 93% food stamp payment accuracy in FFY 04. Your continued focus on work quality has us on course to meet our goal. The Quality Assessment sample is about one-third complete, and our accuracy rate stands at 93.3%. Five sample months (May - September) remain and if we can sustain our progress we will be in the running for a substantial bonus award for the most improved accuracy. The national food stamp error rate is continuing to decline, so we're hoping to be even a little better than better than average. As the often error-prone summer earnings season approaches, we think that the semi-annual reporting policy will help you sustain high accuracy. Our success has always comes down to the good work you do in the field. I am made confident by the earnest efforts and the sound results I see in each in office and region.

I'd like to acknowledge your improving performance. Last year at this time our food stamp payment error rate was 15.2%. It is now more than 8 percentage points lower. If we keep it up you will have reduced overpayments and underpayments by over $5.5 million this year. Every Region now has a substantially better accuracy rate than it had last year. Three regions are above our target rate of 93% accuracy. There are also many individual offices and work units that are wellabout the target accuracy rate.

And there's more praise in order. The Southeast Region has 100% accuracy thus far with all 12 of their completed QA reviews correct. The Central Region has 38 of 42 sampled cases correct. The Mat-Su office has helped them greatly with 100% accuracy in the 16 cases reviewed. The Coastal Region is doing well overall, and the Kenai Office is at 100% accuracy. The Northern Region is on a steady improving trend.

Way to go folks! Keep up the good work. I trust that by next month we'll look even better and truly be on solid footing to accomplish our accuracy goal. Thank you all for your continued hard work. It matters and it is appreciated.