1. Definition:  Nonhousehold members are individuals living in the SNAP household's home but not included in the SNAP household.  These include:


      1. Individuals, including live-in attendants, who do not purchase food and prepare meals with the household;


      1. Ineligible students, including those that purchase food and prepare meals with the SNAP household;


      1. Roomers; and


      1. Visitors whose visit is anticipated to last less than half the month.



Children are not generally visitors in their parent's home.  If the child is regularly staying with the parent part of each calendar month, the child is usually considered living with the parent.  See definition of parental control at MS 600-2.


  1. Income:  Income belonging to a nonhousehold member is disregarded in the SNAP budget.

    Cash payments from the nonhousehold member to other household members are income to the SNAP household.



Monies received by the household from the nonhousehold member for a specific expense belonging to the nonhousehold member is excluded provided the household uses the money for the specified expense.  For example, a nonhousehold member gives the household money to cover his share of the rent, and the household pays the landlord.  This payment is excluded income.


When income of a household member and nonhousehold member is combined into one payment, count only the household's portion.  If the SNAP household member's share is not identifiable, prorate the income evenly among those for whom it is intended and count the household member's allocation.


  1. Expenses:   Expenses billed to or paid by the nonhousehold member are not allowed as a deduction.  Only those expenses billed to or paid by the household are allowed. If the nonhousehold member pays a portion of an expense, that portion is not allowed.  If the portion paid by the nonhousehold member cannot be identified, the expense will be prorated among the members actually paying or contributing to the expenses and only the SNAP household members' portions will be allowed.


      1. Resources:   The resources of nonhousehold members are disregarded.



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