Households must provide a Social Security Number (SSN) for each household member.  If a household member does not have a Social Security Number, the individual must apply for one.


1. New Social Security Numbers


If an individual is applying for an SSN for the first time, they must apply directly through the Social Security Administration (SSA), either in person or by phone.   SSA will send the individual a Receipt of Application for an SSN form verifying that an application has been submitted.


Parents may also apply for a newborns SSN through the Bureau of Vital Statistics Enumeration at Birth Program.  Hospitals give the parent an SSA -2853 form, Information About When You Will Receive Your Baby's Social Security Card, which certifies that a Social Security Number was requested for the baby.


2. Verification


Social Security Numbers:  Social Security Numbers do not need to be verified, unless they are questionable.


Application for a Social Security Number:  Accept the individuals statement that he or she has applied for an SSN with the Social Security Administration, unless questionable, and request the individual to provide the receipt once it is received from SSA .  In addition, instruct the individual of the requirement to report the SSN once their SSN card is received from SSA .  Obtain the SSN or proof of application for an SSN at the next recertification.


Enumeration at Birth:  Children born in Alaska are presumed to be enumerated at birth.  No verification of this is required.  Obtain the SSN or proof of application for an SSN at the next recertification.


3. Case Processing Pending Receipt of SSN


Household members are allowed to participate if otherwise eligible while waiting for receipt of the SSN .

Households with SSN applications being processed are certified for not more than six months.  Instruct households to provide the social security number to the caseworker when the SSN card arrives.


4. Failure to Provide SSN


If the household is unable to provide an SSN or proof of application at recertification, determine if good cause exists.  Good cause includes, but is not limited to SSA -caused delays.  




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