512           SSN REQUIRED


Social Security enumeration is a requirement for Medicaid eligibility.  To meet this requirement, an applicant must provide a Social Security number (SSN).  If an individual does not have an SSN, the individual must apply for one.



Social Security enumeration is not required for children eligible under MAGI newborn coverage (see MAGI MS 816-1A) or for illegal aliens needing treatment of an emergency medical condition (see Section 576).


There are some classes of aliens for whom the Social Security Administration will not normally issue an SSN, even though they are qualified aliens, unless they are required by law to have an SSN as a condition of receiving federally funded benefits.  If this is the case for an applicant who is otherwise eligible for Medicaid, the caseworker will need to write a letter (on DPA letterhead) to the Social Security Administration explaining the need for an SSN for the purpose of qualifying for Medical Assistance.


512 A.      NEW SSN


If applying for an SSN for the first time, the individual can:


  1. Use SSA’s automated application process by calling toll free
    1-800-772-1213; or

  2. Apply directly at a local SSA office if one is available.


SSA will send the individual a "Receipt of Application for a SSN" form verifying that an application has been submitted.


Parents may also apply for a newborn’s SSN through the Bureau of Vital Statistics "Enumeration at Birth Program".  The hospital will give the parent(s) a SSA-2853 form, "Information About When You Will Receive Your Baby’s Social Security Card".  This form certifies that an SSN was requested for the baby.




Social Security Number: An SSN does not need to be verified unless it is questionable.


Application for SSN:  Accept the individual’s statement that he or she has applied for an SSN with the SSA.  If questionable, request the individual to provide the receipt once it is received from SSA.  In addition, instruct the individual of the requirement to report the SSN once the SSN is received from SSA.




An individual must have or apply for an SSN or Medicaid eligibility for that person does not exist.  However, initial eligibility may not be denied or services delayed to an otherwise eligible applicant pending issuance or verification of the individual’s SSN by SSA.


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